Wisconsin state parties ramping up for 2020 presidential election

NOW: Wisconsin state parties ramping up for 2020 presidential election

Wisconsin Republicans will be combining with "Trump Victory" Tuesday to hold a "MAGA Meet Up" watch party following President Donald Trump's announcement that he will run for president again in 2020.

Local GOP grassroots leaders hope the 6:30 p.m. meeting in the Waukesha County Republican Headquarters will drum up enthusiasm for potential volunteers.

A lot of us around here are very excited to have this kick-off tomorrow," Waukesha County Republicans Grassroots Director Keith Best said. "We've been doing things like being in local parades and things, and we've seen a lot of support.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party held a conference call Monday, saying their 2020 campaign is on track.

"Unlike almost any other state party in the country, we have a field team of organizers working across Wisconsin to build neighborhood teams and work with county parties to get volunteers out on doors," Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Ben Wikler said.

UWM Professor Mordecai Lee says if these things seem early in the election cycle, that's because historically, they are.

"Here we are a year and a half from our presidential election, and it feels like the summer of the presidential election. I mean, I'm just so stunned," Lee said.

Multiple Trump pollsters were recently fired for leaking a poll that showed Joe Biden leading Trump by 10 points in Wisconsin. MU Law Poll Director Charles Franklin is encouraging people to wait until more state level polls are out before jumping to conclusions.

"After 2016, where it all came down to Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, we certainly learned our lesson that state level results are very important."

Franklin said to expect his poll to start showing head-to-head matchups between Democratic candidates and Trump when they get up and running again late in the summer.

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