Wisconsin State Fair's 2022 Sporkies winner: Peño Pretzel Popper Brat

NOW: Wisconsin State Fair’s 2022 Sporkies winner: Peño Pretzel Popper Brat

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- It's become a tradition right before the Wisconsin State Fair. On Tuesday, the winner of this year's Sporkies competition was announced. 

"Drum roll please...the Peño Pretzel Popper Brat from Gertrude's Pretzels!"

The Peño Pretzel Popper Brat is exactly as it sounds -- a jalapeño cheddar bratwurst topped with fresh-cut jalapeños and cheddar sauce.

Second place went to the Sconnie Slugger, a beer brat and cheese curds dipped in batter to resemble a corn dog. 

And in third, the Brandy Old Fashioned S'mores on a Stick.

We caught up with one of the judges who says fairgoers should expect a lot of great food this year.

"I can assure you that this year's 2022 Wisconsin State Fair, the foodies will be in really good hands," said Bill Mitchell, Sporkies judge. "They're going to be very happy because there's a lot of selection, a lot of taste and a lot of new things."

If you're craving any of these concoctions, they'll be sold during the fair.

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