Wisconsin State Fair announces 2022 Sporkies finalists

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin State Fair announced the finalists for this year's Sporkies! 

The finalists include: 

  • Black Bean Burrito Balls
    • A vegetarian option, the Black Bean Burrito Balls have a mix of black beans, sweet corn, a plethora of cheeses, and spices combined into deep-fried bite-sized spheres and breaded with a combination of spicy cheese curls and nacho cheese chips. Served with zesty chile lime sauce, this may make you turn your back on the traditional burrito.
  • Brandy Old Fashioned S'more On-A-Stick
    • The Brandy Old Fashioned S'more On-a-Stick upgrades the classic whipped cream bar by infusing the flavors of the Wisconsin brandy old fashioned! Fluffy cream sandwiched between two graham crackers, covered in milk chocolate, and topped with white chocolate, dried orange, and dried cherry.
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte
    • Slim McGinn’s Irish Pub’s Two Brothers nitro coffee goes to the next level when mixed with Cinnamon Toast Crunch infused cereal milk. Add a cereal crust rimmed cup and top with delicious whipped cream and you have the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte!
  • Flamin' Hot Cheetos Chicken On-A-Stick
    • Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Chicken On-a-Stick is a deep-fried chicken skewer is breaded with a special seasoning blend and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust. Drizzled with chipotle ranch and sprinkled with top-secret seasoning, this is certain to bring some spice to your life!
  • Fried Pickle Cheese Curd Tacos
    • The Fried Pickle Cheese Curd Tacos is completely deep-fried with pickles sandwiched together with cream cheese and freshly battered white cheddar cheese curds. Topped with raspberry chipotle sauce and fresh greens, get ready for this reimagined Fair dish.
  • Peño Pretzel Popper Brat
    • The Peño Pretzel Popper Brat is a 10-inch jalapeño cheddar bratwurst carefully wrapped in fresh pretzel dough, topped with coarse pretzel salt and fresh cut jalapeños, and baked until it’s golden brown. Drizzled with white cheddar sauce, and served with a house-made jalapeño cream cheese.
  • The Sconnie Slugger
    • Highlighting the great state of Wisconsin, The Sconnie Slugger combines a locally made beer brat and cheese curds and then dips them in Cruller cornmeal batter. This on-a-stick work of art is deep-fried and topped with “dijonaise” and German sweet & sour cabbage.
  • Surf & Turf Sliders
    • Surf & Turf Sliders are piled with marinated pulled pork cooked to perfection, a layer of tropical slaw, and Tropics’ signature pineapple mango salsa. Topped with hot, crispy coconut shrimp and smothered in a jalapeño aioli sauce, enjoy this beachy delight in a fresh Hawaiian sweet roll bun.

Fairgoers are encouraged to participate in judging during the fair by sampling all of the Sporkies entries and voting for their favorite.

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