Wisconsin same-sex marriage battle on U.S. Supreme Court conference Monday

MILWAUKEE -- It's a private conference for the US Supreme Court justices.

They'll take a look at cases and petitions from the summer.  The same sex case from Wisconsin is one they could act on.  There's also other cases from states like Indiana and Utah. 

There's essentially three different options for the Supreme Court.  They can decide they don't want to hear a same-sex marriage case in this session.   They could decide that they're going to wait to see what other cases might come up through the court system and make a decision later. Or they could pick a case today or tomorrow. 

The Milwaukee LGBT community hopes the Wisconsin case is the one selected.  They feel they've put in a lot of work and would like it to be recognized.

\"The important thing is the Supreme Court give a definitive answer that will be nationally recognized as what this country stands for our civil rights for same-sex couples,\" Karen Gotzler from the Milwaukee LGBT Center said.

The LGBT community is just waiting for the decision right now.  They're hopeful it goes in their favor but really don't know what will happen. 

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