Wisconsin Resident Finds Unknown Toddler Left on Porch After Midnight

A toddler was left crying on an unknown porch to the child after midnight in the city of Mauston on Thursday, according to Mauston Police Department.

Mauston Police Department was dispatched to the area of 134 Attewell Street in the City of Mauston for a 2-year-old child crying on a porch of a residence.

Mauston is located 70 miles northwest from Madison.

The complainant called Mauston Police Department stating the child showed up to her residence and she does not recognize the child or know where the child lives.

Responding Officers took custody of the child and conducted a door to door search for the parents of the child.

At approximately 1:30 AM a parent was located.

The Juneau County Department of Health and Human Services assisted in the call. The child was cold but unharmed when the Mauston Police Department Officers arrived on scent to take custody of the child.

The child was placed with a parent who does not reside within the City of Mauston. 

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