Wisconsin Paid $9.7M in Bonuses, Payments in Fiscal 2016

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The state of Wisconsin paid an estimated $9.7 million in one-time bonuses or various pay increases for state workers in fiscal year 2016.

An analysis by the Wisconsin State Journal found the payments went to 4,638 workers, roughly 15 percent of the state's workforce.

The newspaper analyzed merit-based bonuses, as well as payments that were meant to retain employees or make their salaries equitable to their peers.

The amount is more than double what was given out in fiscal year 2015, when Gov. Scott Walker suspended payments to balance the budget. That year, the state issued about $3.7 million in special raises or bonuses.

The majority of the payments went to workers in the departments of Transportation, Corrections and Natural Resources.

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