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Wisconsin man dumpster dives across America for a good cause

MILWAUKEE-- A Wisconsin man is now traveling across the country on his bicycle and living solely on whatever food he can find in dumpsters along the way.

Rob Greenfield is a native of Ashland, Wisconsin but now lives in San Diego. He's dumpster diving across the country to show how much perfectly good food goes to waste.

\"A lot of the time the garbage is just perfectly good food,\" said Greenfield, while searching for food in a dumpster behind a grocery store on Milwaukee's North Side.

While searching in that dumpster, he found water bottles, juice boxes, fruit and even coffee bags all in good condition, but trashed in the dumpster.

Greenfield says he is surprised at how Wisconsin ranks among other states he's visited.

\"I'm seeing more waste in this state than any other state I've been to, and it hurts a little bit,\" said Greenfield.

Greenfiend doesn't want people to eat out of dumpsters, but rather wants grocery stores to be more productive about the food they want to dispose of.

\"I'm simply recommending that we don't put the food in the dumpster in the first place... donate it to local food banks and non-profits that feed people that are in need,\" said Greenfield.

Greenfield hopes to end his dumpster diving tour in New York in late September.

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