Wisconsin lawmakers weigh in on infrastructure investment ahead of State of the Union Address

NOW: Wisconsin lawmakers weigh in on infrastructure investment ahead of State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON (CBS 58) -- President Trump's first State of the Union Address is just hours away. 

One of the first topics President Trump is expected to speak on -- investing in infrastructure. All the Wisconsin lawmakers we talked to say infrastructure investment is critical to the Badger State.

Senator Tammy Baldwin took the message a step further with her guest today. Avery Smith is an operating engineer for Londa Construction in southeast Wisconsin.

"Mainly roads and bridges, I've worked in the valley, Fox Valley a lot. Green Bay area. Our company is all around the state, but they've kept me local," Avery Smith said. That's why he's Senator Tammy Baldwin's guest. She, like many others in Washington, want to see Infrastructure reform. 

The Senator is concerned, however, that the President's plan will include less federal dollars than what she's hoping for.

Web Extra: Full interview with Sen. Tammy Baldwin from CBS 58 News on Vimeo.

"Hearing it's getting scaled back quite dramatically and that he's relying on the private sector to put in money. That may work in some areas, but a rural state like Wisconsin, I have my doubts," said Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

She also wants more tax dollars involved, so people like Smith can get more work.

"It would mean a lot for a lot of people I'm surrounded by. My coworkers, my company, all kinds of people throughout the state of Wisconsin are relying on a healthy infrastructure."

You can watch the State of the Union speech here on CBS 58. Coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. Stay tuned for the CBS 58 News at 10 for reports from political reporter Brendan Cullerton, live in D.C. 


WASHINGTON (CBS 58) -- The nation's eyes are on Washington D.C. for the president's first State of the Union Address. 

President Donald Trump will lay out his plans for the future of the country. 

CBS 58's political reporter, Brendan Cullerton, is in Washington D.C. and has been speaking with members of the Wisconsin delegation about their hopes for 2018. 

Wisconsin lawmakers we spoke with say they want immigration reform and infrastructure repair in 2018, but Democrats and Republicans are looking for different changes. 

Both want to help dreamers, but Republicans are also looking to tighten the immigration system overall. The Democrats we spoke with also say they want more public programs and dollars to be used on infrastructure repair as opposed to public/private partnerships. 

Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore says one of her goals will be preventing potential Republican changes to entitlement programs.

Web Extra: Full interview with Rep. Gwen Moore from CBS 58 News on Vimeo.

 Republican Sen. Ron Johnson wants less regulation on businesses. 

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