Wisconsin Lawmakers Draft "Blue Lives Matter" Bill

In response to the Dallas shooting - a Wisconsin lawmaker has announced plans for a Blue Lives Matter bill. Investigators say Micah Johnson targeted and killed five Dallas officers because he was angry at the police. Not only at the ones who killed Philandro Castille and Alton Sterling, but because of the hundreds of other Black men in America who've been killed in similar fashion.
One day after Dallas - Wisconsin State Representative David Steffen decided to stand with the Brown County Sheriff's Department.
State Rep. David Steffen of Green Bay:"We're going to be sending a very strong and firm message that we support the men and women who serve and protect our communities every, single day."

He says officers - came to him - before - any of the shootings happened.
They asked to change the bill which protects victims targeted for religion, disability, sexual orientation, and race and add law enforcement officer to that list. They say the law will make penalties more harsh for those charged with the crime.
Steffen says after Dallas - he put the "Blue Lives Matter" bill into action.

Amanda Porterfield asked Representative Steffen; "Were you upset when you saw the shooting video of the two men before the Dallas shooting happened?" Representative Steffen says, "I think all of the videos that have been related to this issue have been disturbing and raise a lot of questions. I can certainly understand where various individuals or groups are concerned. My larger concern though is the 800 thousand local law enforcement agents in the United States."

Representative Steffen says he called the NAACP President Monday morning after the shootings, and asked if they could meet. He says he's open to having dialogue about the bill and will listen to any suggestions on how to improve it. The bill will be introduced in January 2017.

Click here to view the draft of Representative David Steffen's bill. You can click here to make any comments or suggestions through his website.

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