Wisconsin Humane Society Releases Snowy Owl into Wild

Wisconsin Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and We Energies staff released back into the wild a Snowy Owl after weeks of rehabilitation.

Ukpik was found by a We Energies employee at the Oak Creek power plant in early November. The employee called the WHS Wildlife Center, who dispatched a wildlife rescue volunteer to bring the owl back to WHS for care.

Ukpik was exhausted, dehydrated and thin when he arrived at WHS. He fortunately responded very well to treatment, which included fluids, medicine, a carefully planned diet and exercise to bring him back to full strength. 

Despite caring for 5,000 wild animals annually, it’s unusual for the WHS Wildlife Center to admit a Snowy Owl. Snowy Owls nest in the Arctic Tundra and only occasionally, some migrate south to the northern US and southern Canada in the late fall and winter.  Fortunately for Ukpik, he ended up in a region with expert wildlife rehabilitators who ensured his full recovery. 

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