Wisconsin elections officials get clerks ready for voter I.D.

MADISON-48 days before the general election and the Government Accountability Board laid out the new rules for voter I.D. in Wisconsin.

Elections officials it will not be easy, and they do anticipate some slowing down at the polls.

\"We are training clerks and election workers,\" Kevin Kennedy Director of the GAB told CBS 58 News. \"We have an excellent training staff and we are leveraging the power of the internet with webinars and online training videos.\"

The biggest problem may come with absentee ballots.

This week, clerks will have to contact voters to let them know they need an i.d. for their vote to be counted.

The GAB said that several thousand absentee ballots have gone out without that notice.

\"This is a very human driven process,\" Kennedy added. \"You can expect some things to fall through the cracks. But it won't be for a lack of effort from elections officials in Wisconsin.\"

Clerks attending a previously scheduled meeting at the Wisconsin Dells we're told they will have to get those ballots for absentee votes, along with instruction sheets on I.D. by Thursday.

Many said they were worried they would not make that deadline.

Here is CBS 58 Team coverage with John Cuoco and David Ade.



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