Wisconsin DOC lifts suspension on in-person visits

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) announced Friday that it is reopening facilities for in-person visitation. 

Citing a continued decrease in levels of Covid-19 activity, in-person visitation will resume starting Tuesday, March 1. 

The following changes will also take place on March 1:

• Attorney and professional visits will resume

• All volunteers/contractors will again be allowed access to DOC facilities

• Resumption of programming facilitated by volunteers/contractors can also resume

• Medical offsite visits will no longer be subject to case-by-case evaluation and potential limitation 

“We appreciate the patience and understanding of those in our care, and their loved ones, as we have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic,” said DOC Sec. Kevin A. Carr. “Family connection during incarceration has shown to have a positive impact on success upon return to the community, and in-person visitation is one way of maintaining that connection.”

As of Thursday, Feb. 24, DOC says there were 77 active Covid-19 infections among people in DOC care and 22 employees with active cases across the entire agency. 

This data can be found on Wisconsin DOC's Covid-19 Information home page. 

Wisconsin DOC notes anyone visiting a correctional institution or center will still be subject to any current guidance related to masking and testing. 

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