Wisconsin Department of Health Services says flu activity is rising

NOW: Wisconsin Department of Health Services says flu activity is rising


The state department of health is tracking the flu this year. People don't seem to be as sick as they were this time last year, but state officials are warning this flu season could get worse soon.

Flu season usually runs from October to April. It peaks between December and February.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services says they're expecting the flu to get worse, telling us the virus is in what they call an "acceleration stage."

"The incidence of influenza has increased this past week. We are averaging approximately 5-6 hospitalizations a day. Up from previous weeks where we have 5-6 in an entire week," said Tom Haupt, DHS.

The department puts out video updates on their Facebook page. They are still encouraging people to get their flu shots. It's not too late. Current vaccination numbers in the state are low.

"Less than 1 in 3 people in Wisconsin have received influenza vaccines. That's not acceptable," said Haupt.

In the state flu report... southeast Wisconsin is at a low level of flu activity. But two people in Wisconsin have died from the flu this season. Both of them were over 65 years old.

Waukesha County has seen six hospitalizations for the flu. That's compared to 90 reported cases this time last year.

They say now is a good time to get the vaccine, before a wave of sickness hits the area.

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