Wisconsin Delegates Speak about Email Scandal

During the convention, delegates from each state meet in the morning to talk about the day ahead and our David Ade was there when the Wisconsin delegation got together and the email scandal was the topic of conversation.  
We're hearing reports that democrats are pressuring Debbie Wasserman Schultz to give up any role in the convention.
Wasserman Schultz plans to officially open the convention this afternoon. 
Word of her being booed and shouted down while speaking to Florida delegation this morning spread over to the Wisconsin delegation breakfast.
Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore spoke to the group and encouraged sanders supports to still feel motivated to vote.
After she spoke, Wisconsin delegates were asked if Wasserman Schultz should continue to insist on having a role in this convention.
"I know that if this is something that will gain traction among Republicans and it's bound to be very salacious. So I'm not going to substitute my judgment for hers… I think she will do the right thing,” said Gwen Moore.
"Personally I think it would've been better had she allowed Donna Brazile to take over immediately… I don't quite understand the benefit of her hanging on for these four days,” said Peter Barca. 
CNN Political Commentator Donna Brazile is the DNC vice-chair and is taking over as interim chair of the convention.
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