Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman wonders if Congress is up to the budgetary task

NOW: Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman wonders if Congress is up to the budgetary task

"I always feel the most important thing is the budget," Republican Congressman Glenn Grothmann (R) West Bend told the CBS 58 News at 4 Thursday.

"I think Trump introduced a budget that was unusually responsible."

The congressman noted that President Trump's plan calls for a 5 1/2 % increase in defense spending, but dollar wise the same amount is not going down for non defense spending.

5 1/2 % increase in defense spending.

"It's well known that its well known that a lot of people want a 10%t increase in defense spending," noted Grothman. "And many of the same people are not willing to have anywhere near that amount in reduction of non defense spending. We'll see whether Congress is up to the task that President Trump has given them."

Grothmann doesn't feed into the narrative that there would be more talk on a national stage about the budget if President Trump wouldn't create a distraction with his controversial tweeting.

"I'm not sure it's his tweets that do that. The press in hung up on Russian meddling in elections. And  even when I was in Madison. the press is board with budget. It's numbers and people's eye glaze over."

Just hours earlier Progressive Democrats of America delivered a note to Republican Senator Ron Johnson objecting to plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

"I think a lot of the democrats, some of the progressives,  always wants government completely be in charge of healthcare. Republicans do not want the government in healthcare."

Grothman says the problem is the cost of healthcare in this country.

"I think there wasn't enough focus on the overall cost of healthcare. We want the new plan to be right. But the overall problem is we're spending too much on healthcare in this country. Neither the House nor the Senate has done anything to address to the cost of healthcare."

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