Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman celebrates tax cuts, prepares for a fight over welfare reform

NOW: Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman celebrates tax cuts, prepares for a fight over welfare reform

Wisconsin Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman refutes any notion that the rich are just getting richer from the new tax cuts just signed into law by President Donald Trump.

"The biggest cut was to the average guy," Grothman told the CBS 58 News at 4. "The few people who are complaining are people in high tax states and they're the wealthiest people complaining. Even Barack Obama wanted a corporate tax cut to make us more competitive with other countries across the world."

Grothman thinks it's important to note that it went through several revisions.

"We changed it for the better from the campaign version. I think more of the democrats ought to follow what Barack Obama said. Donald Trump wants to bring back jobs. You cannot bring back jobs if European or Asian countries are more competitive in the tax arena."

Grothman says when he returns to Washington after the holiday break, he hopes to see action on welfare. But he's preparing for a fight from those within his own party. 

"It will be one more time Donald Trump and a republican like me want to take up welfare reform. Mitch McConnell said he wouldn't. There's going to be a fight, I think, between Donald Trump and reform minded republicans against kind of the republicans stuck in the swamp. I hope I"m able to win on that one and get welfare reform."

When Grothman last accepted CBS 58's open invitation to elected officials to join in a live conversation, he dismissed the importance of Russian interference in the election.

Since that time, two Trump associates have been indicted and a third admitted to lying to the FBI about contacts with the Russians.

So, has his view changed?

"We don't feel there's going to be a problem with the Trump campaign," insisted Grothman. "I think the Russian meddling may have been more something for the Clinton campaign. We're not focused on that. It's been weeks since any republican talked about the last campaign.
We've been in meetings looking at welfare reform and doing tax reform."

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