Wisconsin community hit by storms sympathizing with Houston

NOW: Wisconsin community hit by storms sympathizing with Houston

BURLINGTON, Wis. (CBS 58) – As local Red Cross teams make their way to Texas to help those hit hard by Hurricane Harvey, some people in and around Burlington say they feel a connection to those flood victims.

"It's really difficult on all the people out here, or at least it was," said Patrick Riley, who lives in Randall. "As soon as the flood waters down there start to recede, I hope they can get it taken care of I hope everybody's safe."

Another person hit hard by last month's storms was Richard Cassidy. His home, next to the Fox River, had about two feet of water inside when those devastating storms hit Burlington in July. Cassidy says he knows there are people in Texas who got hit harder than he did by Mother Nature, but knows what it’s like when a storm hits and takes away almost everything you’ve worked so hard for your whole life.

“Boy does it hit home and I feel so terrible for these people in Texas it almost looks like our problems are minute to theirs. I know we got hit hard and we lost a lot but you look at Texas, those poor people it’s up to their roofs,” says Cassidy.

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