Wisconsin Capitol peaceful on threatened day of violence

NOW: Wisconsin Capitol peaceful on threatened day of violence

MADISON, Wi (CBS 58) -- Humvees, armored barricades, and police in riot gear are protecting state capitals across the country, including in Madison.

January 17th was supposed to be another day of potential violence at state capitals.

Madison police arranged physical barricades as well as human ones to deter any potential rioters.

"It's a good deterrent to have, I think it discourages the kind of activities that people have been concerned about in the after what happened at the U.S. Capitol," said Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul.

Kaul said the police presence helped deter any rioters at the state capital. He also said a sprawling F.B.I. investigation which includes the arrests of two Wisconsin men has helped as well.

"It's helpful they won't be able to participate in any additional insurrectionary activities," said Kaul.

Kaul said the extra protection in Madison will be in place through the presidential inauguration. Wisconsin lawmakers are also taking their own precautions.

"Some people are away from their homes, some people have taken signs down from their yards, and just being a little more conscious," said State Sen. Lena Taylor (D) Milwaukee.

Taylor said lawmakers don't get security details. She said one member of the Milwaukee delegation called police and asked for advice.

"We all have been asked not to go to the capitol so maybe making some adjustments in that way," said Taylor.

She said those who caused the riot on January 6 need to be held accountable. Social media has been purging accounts and federal judges are restriction riot suspect's activities. Taylor said she won't be scared away.

"Neither am I going to let domestic terrorists, racists, white supremacists, the Proud Boys, whomever else prevent me from doing the work of the people," said Taylor.

Lawmakers are scheduled to return to Madison Tuesday January 26.

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