Wisconsin Attorney General talks about his future

MADISON- Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced he will not seek and third term and will leave office in January of 2015.

Van Hollen said that there are too many career politicians who stay on the job too long while looking for another job and he doesn't want to be one of those people.

However, he isn't ruling out another run for another office.

On Wednesday he said if the timing is right and if the feeling is right, he would give something like that consideration.

He said the Wisconsin Supreme Court would be appealing and something that might be a good fit with his experience.

He said he sees that as a  position to make a real difference.

So far, a number of Democrats have entered the race to replace him as A.G. but only one Republican, Waukesha County District Attorney Robert Schimel.

Van Hollen would not endorse Schimel, but did add that he knows him and likes the idea of someone who wants the job to do it right.

He also said that whoever takes over his job he hopes they have a law enforcement background.

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