Wisconsin and the nation brace for post holiday surge

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- New coronavirus numbers are out for Wisconsin revealing the state continues to see a high number of new infections.

In the state's latest report, nearly 36% of tests came back positive. There were more than 4,800 new cases, bringing the state's total number of infections to more than 409,000.

DHS is also reporting 77 more deaths Saturday, Dec. 5. This brings the seven-day average for daily deaths to 60 in Wisconsin.

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, the U.S. is reporting a weekly average of more than 2,000 Covid-related deaths every single day.

This, as infections rip through the country, with the U.S. setting yet another record for daily cases Friday, recording nearly 228,000 new cases. 

In a CNN Town Hall Friday night, Dr. Anthony Fauci said we are headed for a post-holiday surge.

"The event is usually followed by two or three weeks later you see the increase in cases which puts it right at the cusp before the Christmas holiday where you're going to have more travel and congregating," Fauci said.

Meanwhile, state leaders across the country are learning there won't be enough coronavirus vaccines to cover even the small number of people designated as top priority. 

Federal officials estimate about 40 million vaccine will be available if the FDA approves Moderna's and Pfizer's vaccines.

Each person needs two doses to be vaccinated, meaning that is only enough for 20 million people.

A CDC panel earlier this week recommended health care workers and nursing home residents receive the shots first. They add up to about 24 million people. 

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