Wind is to Blame for Several Overturned Semis and A Roof Collapse in Racine County

NOW: Wind is to Blame for Several Overturned Semis and A Roof Collapse in Racine County

RACINE COUNTY - Several semi-trucks have overturned across the state because of today's wind. One in Racine County shut down lanes of I-94 for nearly 9 hours. The wind is also being blamed for a roof collapse in Racine. The owner says a gust of wind ripped off his roof this morning - landing on a couple of cars behind an auto repair shop. Damage that was evident across the area as high winds whipped through.

Mike Nelson says it sounded like a freight train. With one big gust, Mike Nelson heard it fall. The culprit was the wind. Just up the road, more damage. Wind toppled a tree into power lines, an issue emergency crews dealt with across the region.

A busy day on the interstate as well with gusty winds causing at least four crashes involving semi truck.

"Those trucks can't do more than 40, 45 otherwise you have a chance of tipping over," says truck driver Brian Eve.

Trucker Brian Eve says even with a full load - his semi was driving more like a sailboat than a truck.

"You come out of that tree line, hit the open area, and all of a sudden it hits you and that's where a lot of trucks get a little squirrelly."

 As the winds picked up - some decided to pull over and wait.

"All we can do is go slow."

Back in Racine - Mike Nelson is slowly picking up the pieces. "There were some vehicles that were damaged, I've got to take care of that. What are you gonna do? It is what it is, just go with the flow."

Things certainly starting to calm down this evening. The high wind warning just expired - good news for people like Mike who now have to get to work cleaning up. 

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