Will earthquake have you paying more for wine?

(MILWAUKEE)-- You've probably seen the pictures on social media.  Huge tanks spewing rivers of wine, barrels destroyed, thousands of bottles shattered.  A 6.0 magnitude earthquake that shook the Napa region of California is to blame.    

To find out if all that destroyed wine is going to cause a shortage-- and hit you in the wallet-- we talked to Thomas Greguska.  As the wine buyer for Discount Liquor on Oklahoma Avenue, he's one of the largest wine buyers in the state.  \"Some of the wineries (in California) lost some rare and irreplaceable wines,\" Greguska said.


Greguska says California wines take up roughly 60-percent of Discount Liquor's selection, but he says the earthquake will not shake up prices. \"My gut tells me prices would hold,\" Greguska said, \"insurance will cover losses.\"


Past history is also on the buyer's side, Greguska says past earthquakes did not cause a rise in wine price. He says the best chance for a price spike will come with a rare wine from a small producer.  If you crave one of those, snap it up now.  \"If there's a particular producer, particular wine that you like quite a bit, it wouldn't be a bad idea if you are able to find it to buy it-- or maybe buy a little extra if you can,\" Greguska said.


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