Wife Uses iPhone App to Find Husbands Body

A Texas man was gunned down and dumped on the side of a Houston-area road and his wife discovered the tragedy via Smartphone app.

Now authorities want to know who's responsible for the man's death.

"If someone saw something please say something," Carla Melendez, Victim's Wife said.  "You don't know how much pain you've caused us."

Ramiro Acosta was found shot, his body dumped on the side of the road.

Melendez said she was one of the last to see her husband alive and the first to find him dead.

"We don't have a lot of information we're trying to get as much as we can to do the follow up work on it," Sgt. Felipe Rivera/Harris County Sheriff's Department said.

The victim’s wife told KTRK that he had a lot of enemies because he was a gang member “back in the day.”

Melendez didn't want to elaborate on what gang Acosta was tied to, but says he's done with that.

When he didn't come home last night, she knew something was wrong.

She opened her "find  iPhone" app linked to her husband's cell and saw he was 30 minutes from their house.

"It showed trees and it was weird because why would his phone be by trees and it was there for a while," Carla Melendez/Victim's Wife said.

Melendez drove to that pulsing dot on her phone's screen and found Acosta dead.

Police are trying to find out why he was killed just short of his 24th birthday.

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