Wicked Weather causes more than 100 accidents, spin outs

Even tow truck drivers, skilled in their maneuvers were having a hard time navigating the roads. Because of snow, ice, and the strong blowing winds Ray's Towing had triple the business.

\"There's a lot of snow and slush all over the place. It makes it very difficult to drive in,\" tow truck driver Curtis Wykle said.

Tamaria Reed was not expecting to need a tow service, but she ended up in a ditch on 94 near Ryan Road after she says someone cut her off.

“Trying to drive fast in the snow, you can't get anywhere any faster, don't you want to live?\" Reed questioned.

Now she's left footing the bill.

\"If the sheriff calls the tow truck, it's $132 off top,” she said.

Earlier in the day, you could see where the roads conquered drivers in Waukesha County. There were spin outs, fender benders and stalled cars all within miles of each other. In 30 minutes, CBS 58 saw about 6-8 accidents. Waukesha County says they had about 80 throughout the day.

Milwaukee County had similar conditions, the Sheriff's department responded to nearly over 100 crashes and spin outs before nine o'clock even hit.

One driver was hoping he wouldn't be in that number.

“I'm going to take it very, very slow, and I'm probably going to travel a lot slower than a lot of people would have me travel, but I'm going to keep doing it anyway.\"

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