Whooping cough cases on the rise in Brookfield schools

BROOKFIELD -- Parents and administrators in the Elmbrook School District continue to wrestle with a major outbreak of whooping cough. Pilgrim Park Middle School has seen at least 30 cases of pertussis or whooping cough. We're told that number is increasing.

Dr. Barbara Clakins says this outbreak of pertussis is keeping her busy. \"We've had a lot of kids, mostly middle school students, or any age students come in with a cough,\" said Dr. Clakins.

Pertussis is very contagious and can affect anyone. That's why Dr. Clakins suggests getting the vaccine. She also advises everyone to cover their cough, wash their hands, and see a doctor if you have any coughing fits.

The Elmbrook School District says they are notifying the families of any child in a class with another child who has a confirmed case of pertussis.

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