Who works on Christmas?

NOW: Who works on Christmas?

For people like plow driver Tork Ildson, Christmas can be a heavier work day than normal.

"Well we've gotta work when it snows," Ildson said. "That's the rule."

For others, like Milwaukee cab driver Sekou Bility, not so much.

"It's boring," Bility said. "You don't see a lot of people traveling. But I love it. That's how I make my daily bread."

David Day worked Christmas Eve at Walmart and started early on Christmas at Maas convenience store in West Allis.

"I started at four o'clock this morning to get coffee and everything ready to go, so we could get ready to go at five o'clock this morning," Day said.d

He says that lets him keep his Christmas plans with family since he gets off before noon.

"I'll go to Grafton and pick up my daughter, and go see my mom and celebrate Christmas with my family."

Jerry Yang works at Chop Stix in Milwaukee.

"I have worked Christmases," Yang said. "This year is an odd occasion."

He actually had his family come visit him at work.

"Feels great," Yang said. "They're all here just hanging out enjoying some food and then talking to the boss. They're kind of like family now, so."

Whether they actually celebrated Christmas or not, all the workers had the same message.

"Merry Christmas everybody," Bility said.

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