Where is Walker?

NOW: Where is Walker?

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Wisconsin got a victory speech from Tony Evers on election night,  but no concession speech from Scott Walker.

"This is odd to the point of bizarre," UWM Professor Mordecai Lee said. "After all it's sort of a tradition in American politics that the losing candidate makes a public statement."

Walker posted on Facebook that the decent thing to do is give Tony Evers time to talk about his transition and not fill up the airwaves.
Former governor Tommy Thompson says it's understandable.

"That to me is quite a large person. A good person. And Scott Walker is."

Walker has posted to social media several times since the election, from Bible verses to thanking voters, to Wisconsin sports.
Lee said he thinks Walker is shocked he lost.

"People on the outside saying, 'OK, Buster, you're fired.' That's hard to take. It's hard to take it personally. And Governor Walker now has to make decisions about his future."

Thompson says it was difficult for him to leave the power and responsibility of being governor behind, and it will be for Walker.

"Every governor that leaves remembers when they were in the pinnacle of power, and then the next day they're no longer there, and you have to pick up the pieces and do something else."

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