Wheelchair ramp stolen from Milwaukee home overnight

NOW: Wheelchair ramp stolen from Milwaukee home overnight

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee family can't believe it -- their wheelchair ramp was stolen from the front porch overnight.

"I hope they find it... find who did it," said Pat Schwichtenberg, a neighbor.

She saw the wheelchair ramp Tuesday night before she went to bed.

"The ramp was there then. It's bright; you can't miss it."

The family of 14-year-old Armoni woke up to find their front steps barren.

Normally a ramp for the teen who has cerebral palsy rests on the porch.

"If they need to steal from a handicapped person, that's terrible," said a neighbor.

He also saw the ramp Tuesday night. Police believe it was taken sometime overnight.

Police were called to the home in the morning after the theft was reported. Milwaukee PD says they're investigating, seeking an unknown suspect or suspects.

Neighbors are taking security precautions. One home even installed motion sensors after the theft.

The family posted on Facebook, hoping someone may have seen something.

Police told the family they are looking to see if the aluminum ramp was brought to a junkyard.

Armoni's family says the 14-year-old didn't deserve this.

The family doesn't know if the ramp will be found, and it's really difficult to pick up Armoni, so they've started a gofundme page after the theft.

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