What's in the next Marquette law poll?

NOW: What’s in the next Marquette law poll?

Marquette law poll director Charles Franklin says he expects more recognition of candidates for senate and governor, when the next poll is released Wednesday.

“Voters generally were not familiar with either the democratic or the republican non-incumbent candidates," Franklin said. "We’ll see how much of that has changed.”

This will be the most comprehensive polling on those races since the last poll was released in early March.

Franklin says it's often difficult to separate primary candidates like the ones in the Democratic gubernatorial race or the republican U.S. Senate race, so it can be difficult for someone to emerge from the pack.

“Is there any consensus on the nominee of each party emerging? Or do we still have a crowded field or an evenly divided field.”

Thursday, Marquette researchers laid the background for the poll,  a string of democratic victories in state elections.

“Some people feel that the democratic pickups were due to low turnout in those races, and that will change when Scott Walker is on the ballot, and there’s a competitive senate race," research fellow John Johnson said. "Time will tell."

Franklin says the poll will also guage voter opinion on state and federal policy.

“The North Korean summit and how people are responding to that. We’ll also look at school funding, and Foxconn and how things are going in the state.”

There will be another poll released in July.

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