What to expect if you plan to travel this summer

NOW: What to expect if you plan to travel this summer

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- As more and more people get vaccinated, summer vacations are making a comeback.

Roseanne Polacek just got back from vacationing in Key West.

“We had tickets to Mexico and we couldn’t use them because of the pandemic,” said Polacek, who landed back in Milwaukee Friday evening.

She says aside from masks on the plane, things are back to normal. Other travelers agree.

“I’ve been traveling pretty frequent here the last few weeks,” said Chad Gillanwater, who just got back from Massachusetts. “It’s getting busy.”

Experts say the travel industry is starting to rebound and airlines are ramping back up.

“We’ve been hearing a lot of the domestic carriers are opening back up, calling back furloughed employees as well,” said Jeanne Reuter, a travel agent and owner of Bayside Travel.

Mitchell International Airport expects to see a spike in leisure travel, but business travel is slow to return.

“We’re probably going to be down around 30-percent from a typical summer,” said Harold Mester, director of public affairs and market at the airport.

Reuter says because a lot of countries are still restricting travel, most people are traveling domestically.

“National parks are going to be really crazy this year,” Reuter said, adding that a lot of people are booking through travel agents because the restrictions and regulations are different in every state and country.

Reuter says if you’re planning a trip, book it soon because airfare prices are going to keep rising, with people anxious to get back to normal.

“I think everybody wants to get out there, get out of town, have some fun,” Gillanwater said.

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