What Not to do During a Tornado

Following Thursday's severe weather and tornadoes in Northern Illinois a few impressive but scary videos have surfaced. Mainly, a recent video taken by a person, not a storm chaser, who took coverage under an overpass while the EF-4 with winds up to 200 mph crossed the road just feet in front of him. 


This is a perfect example of what not to do during a tornado. If you encounter a tornado while on the road do not stop under an overpass. It may shield your car from hail but the overpass allows winds to funnel and become even stronger. The best thing is to drive to protection: a rest area, nearby house, anything that will put something between you and the tornado. If there are no structures around it is best to get out of your car and lay face down in a ditch or low lying area with your hands over your head. 

As always, your best protection is knowledge. Knowing the forecast for the area you are traveling through is key and making sure you have an app or radio or other way to receive weather warnings is key to a safe journey.

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