What Impact Could the Unrest have on Tourism and Visitors?

As the city tries to moves forward, what impact could the unrest have on tourism and visitors?

CBS 58 reached out to the CEO of the Milwaukee Center District.

He said there are no planned events in the area this weekend.

He has reached out to organizations scheduled to be here in the coming months and said "everyone is feeling very comfortable".

In the meantime, the MMAC tells us they're working with local businesses in any way they can.

“A couple of our members were impacted by the fire and damage there. And I think for the most part they want to rebuild, they want to stay connected, they want to be a part of the neighborhood. The first thing they're concerned about is the safety of the employees, they wanted safe to come back to work in that location. And I think that's happening, and I think it just gives them more impetus to get more engaging the community again to see what they can do to help,” said the CEO.

  MMAC President Tim Sheehy said they are  also working to find ways to help the community rebound as a whole.

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