What happens to your ballot after you vote early?

Hattie Knox is a seasoned voter.

"This is not my first time voting or voting early, I've voted all my life," Knox said.

But, this year she still had questions about her ballot and whether her voice would really be heard

"How do I know if this vote counts, and the process?" Knox questioned.

By Election Day thousands of ballots, just like Hattie's, will have exchanged hands and buildings until their final destination. It brings about the question to voters like Connie Hagler, what's happening with my ballot?

“I did think about, who has to open the envelope that I just licked shut?" Hagler said.

Executive Director of the Milwaukee Election Commission Neil Albrecht says the process is simple and transparent.

"We will be handling that ballot and processing it for you, it is a process that is entirely open to the public," Albrecht said.

But not before those ballots are collected and placed under lock and key.

"All the ballots are kept in a twice locked secure space in city hall, until they're transferred for processing on Election Day," Albrecht said.

We got a chance to peek into that room, only a handful of people have access. The building is secured each night by guards until they're taken to a warehouse on Richards street to be counted election day.

"We do have police security at the facility both for election night and for the nights after the election, until the reconciliation process is complete," Albrech said.

The process does not end there. Voters who are unsure can also check on a government website to make sure that their vote was tallied. That website is myvote.wi.gov

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