What happened to Pabst Brewery model displayed at Chicago's World fair?

 MILWAUKEE - It's been a mystery for more than 100 years. What ever happened to the 13 square foot, gold plated replica of the Pabst Brewery that was on display at the World's Fair in Chicago back in 1893? It's believed Captain Pabst paid artists 100-thousand dollars to put the model together. Today it would be worth millions. Pabst was the largest brewery in the world at the time and Captain Pabst wanted to out do the other brewers at the fair. The Pabst model was a big hit as the centerpiece of the Pabst Pavilion there. Captain Pabst brought the Pavilion back to Milwaukee and it serves as the gift shop for the Pabst Mansion today. The Pabst Brewery model returned to Milwaukee in 1895 and was on display for a time, but fell off the radar and hasn't been seen in tact since.  A few pieces have surfaced. The Milwaukee Historical Society has one of the gold plated buildings and the Pabst Mansion has three rail cars and a building, but the rest of the massive model is nowhere to be found.


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