"What a tremendous experience:" Bradley Tech High School students help install seats at new Bucks arena

NOW: “What a tremendous experience:“ Bradley Tech High School students help install seats at new Bucks arena

A group of MPS high school students rolled up their sleeves and took part in the construction of the Milwaukee Bucks new arena.

The juniors and seniors from Bradley Tech are making their mark in the construction industry.

"It's a great experience. It's my first time doing something like this and I like how they made the new arena," said Bradley Tech Junior Jayson Murell.

It's part of the school's Techterns program that gives 18 students hands-on learning experiences and allows them to explore different career paths. The seats installed by the students will be a permanent staple at the new arena.

"We're learning new stuff every time we come," said Junior Alexis Stevenson.

"This just gives us a new experience on what we can do instead of just going straight to college," said Junior Nigel Alexander-Williams.

The students go out in the field with construction crews six times throughout the school year.

Bucks officials say it's all about working as a team and forming a special bond.

"These are kids that aren't necessarily in class each and every day. But when it comes time for them to bend down and install a seat, they're helping each other out. They're understanding the importance of teamwork in some of these trades," said Alicia Dupies, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Milwaukee Bucks.

As they put on the finishing touches, each student walks away feeling a sense of pride.

"To be able to do it as a junior or senior in high school, I mean what a tremendous experience. There's only 18 kids in the city of Milwaukee being given this opportunity."

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