We've experienced a lot of winter driving already & it's only mid-November

NOW: We’ve experienced a lot of winter driving already & it’s only mid-November


Milwaukee (CBS 58)--So have you had a spin out lately or did your car veer off the road because of all the wintry conditions?  You're probably not alone.  This latest bout of wintry weather came on fast and furious.  So how do you handle the roads when it gets snowy or icy?  Ask any driving expert, and they'll tell you the best practice is to slow it down.  Also, make sure you've cleared any snow from your entire car, including the roof, lights, and license.

I've added a few more from my top five list, including getting off the cell phone, not using cruise control, anticipating what's ahead of you by literally looking ahead while you're driving, and allowing enough distance between you and the car in front of you.  It's recommended at least two or three car lengths.  Also, make sure to have your license and registration readily available in case you get into an accident.  Keep in mind in Wisconsin, it's also good practice to contact the police in case there's a wreck.  Otherwise, there's a chance you could be cited.

Click here for some other great winter driving advice courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

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