West Milwaukee Police chase caught on video

WEST MILWAUKEE -- For the first time West Milwaukee's Police Chief sat down exclusively with CBS 58 News about a police pursuit with carjacking suspects that ended in a shooting.

"I mean this is just craziness."

The craziness West Milwaukee Chief Dennis Nasci is referring to is a brazen get away attempt this summer.

Chief Nasci says, "There was total disregard for anyone else's life or safety."

For the first time, West Milwaukee Police Chief Dennis Nasci talked us through the video of his Officer, Eric French, facing off with three suspects.

The chief says Officer French got a call from West Allis saying three men suspected of attempted car jackings, armed robberies, and stolen cars were headed their way.

"As soon as he got in his car and pulled to the edge of the driveway, the jeep went by him."

Officer French followed the men with his lights off and parks them in at a Jimmy Johns and that's when suspects did the unthinkable.

"Literally ran over the top of his squad. I've never seen someone back over a squad car to get away."

The chief says Officer French's partner arrives as back up, but the men are now driving his way.

"He actually rolls the car right around and aims it at my officer he's literally backpedaling to get away from the car but the car is still coming at him."

Chief Nasci says that's when the officer fired his gun, hitting the driver, and all of the men ran away.

Chief Nasci says, "Four cars damaged by that vehicle in that one incident in less than a minutes time."

One man was found hiding in a dumpster, the other showed up at the hospital, and a third was found later. Chief Nasci says he's proud of his men, and glad they're safe.

"They know my ultimate is for them to go home every night, period."

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