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West Bend Woman Inducted in Senior Olympics Hall of Fame

West Bend -

When you think of Wisconsin and Olympic Champions, the names of Bonnie Blair and Paul Hamm might come to mind.

You can now add the name of 93 year old Edith Schultz of West Bend.

A magical moment Thursday afternoon when CBS 58 News met Schultz, a 2017 Wisconsin Senior Olympics Hall of Fame.

She is a self taught swimmer who has mastered the breast, back and side stroke.

She chose to live at Cedar Ridge with other seniors because it has a pool.

With 29 medals, she surpasses swimmer Michael Phelps who has 27.

Edith has bounced back from a broken knee and recently started handing out her medals as gifts.

She survived German occupation of her native Poland during World War II, becoming a war bride and then immigrating to the United States where she has achieved dreams of Olympic proportions.

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