West Bend man arrested after threatening to kill police officers with butcher knives

The West Bend Police department responded to a home in the 400 block of Vine Street after a man threatened to kill officers.

A man originally called 911 for a non-emergency around 4 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

The dispatcher warned the caller about misuse of 911. The man then stated that he would kill the first officer that showed up at his residence.

Officers identified the caller as a 57-year-old resident of West Bend.

Officers responded to the man's residence and when they arrived, the man armed himself with two butcher knives and a large steel bar.

Officers asked the man to drop the knives and the bar. The man threatened the officers and refused to comply with their commands to drop the weapons.

After several minutes of talking to the man, officers used their taser. The man was then taken into custody on charges of 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Threats to Law Enforcement Officers, Disorderly Conduct, and Resisting an Officer. 

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