West Bend church holds vigil for Purdue shooting victim

WEST BEND- Saint Frances Cabrini Parish held a prayer service and rosary for Andrew Boldt, his family, and for all who are grieving his tragic death.

21-year-old Boldt, a West Bend native and Marquette High School graduate, was shot and killed at Purdue University Tuesday.

Wedneday evening was all about prayer. Prayer of Andrew, his family and everyone effected by his death.

More than 75 people gathered at the parish which is the Boldt's family church and where Andrew graduated from grade school.

Andrew excelled in academics, was an eagle scout and involved in athletics.

Those who knew him said that he was a bright and wonderful person and they are still trying to wrap their minds around the events that led to his sudden and tragic death.

\"It's thinking why. The question I think all of is ask why do bad things happen to good people and the Boldt family they're good people, \" said Marquette High School teacher Victoria Bonesho.

\"It's almost unbelievable. I couldn't imagine that first of all that anybody would so something bad to him since he was really such a good kid and second you hear it in the media all the time you never expect it to be anyone you know,\" said Saint Frances teacher Terry Gardon.

One of Andrew's brothers was in attendance, but in a message through the church, the Boldt Family prefers that the members of the community and also the news media respect their need for privacy at this time. 

They have asked inquiries from the public to be directed through the Saint Frances Cabrini Parish office. 

The parish website will continue to be updated regularly with all the information we have to share. 


Clergy and staff were available after the prayer service to visit with those who need support. font-family:\"Times New Roman\",\"serif\";mso-fareast-font-family:\"Times New Roman\";



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