West Bend business takes to social media after illegal dumping troubles

NOW: West Bend business takes to social media after illegal dumping troubles

WEST BEND, Wis. (CBS 58) -- "These are cycling shoes, we also have 'Hello Fresh'."

Boxes upon boxes, found in a dumpster outside Skate Country roller rink in West Bend.

Yes, it’s trash, but it doesn’t belong here.

Operations Manager Thomas Neuy said his girlfriend found all the boxes Friday night.

This isn't the first time they've faced illegal dumping, so they took their frustrations to Facebook.

They gave the people 24 hours to get their trash before they called the police.

"It was a baby shower apparently," Neuy said. "And they were very intelligent because they had their name on all of it, name and address. They know who they are, I'm sure."

CBS 58 did go to the home of the alleged dumpers. No one was there, but there was a small package outside the door.

Nuey said that trash pick-up at Skate County happens just once a month, and their dumpster is private.

He said the boxes blocked Skate Country staff from dumping in their own garbage.

"Then we have to keep our garbage indoors, and that's not good for mice," he said.

Neuy called the illegal dumpers "rude," and said there are always other options.

"You could have just come in and asked," Neuy said. "That's the whole thing. It feel like you are totally sneaky."

Nuey said they no longer lock their dumpster because of past scheduling problems.

Skate Country is open Friday through Sunday. The trash collection happens during the week when they are closed.

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