West Allis man beaten after trying to help

A 66 year-old West Allis man sits bloodied and beaten in a local hospital and his family said all he was trying to do was help. Merlin Hoaglan man was attacked and beaten on Saturday afternoon, after reportedly trying to help a woman who's car had broken down.

\"My dad was simply trying to help someone,\" said Byron Hoaglan, the victim's son.

He claims his dad was hit so hard he's in intensive care after trying to help a mother and her children.

\"A woman with 3 kids was pushing a car down Mitchell. She was trying to turn the corner and she came across his trailer and she started yelling at him to move his piece of crap van,\" said Hoaglan.

He said from there, they started yelling at each other.

Then his dad tried to extend an olive branch.

\"He said, 'look lady, you want help or what?' I'm sure after the argument she didn't want his help but he was still trying to help her because she had kids,\" said Hoaglan.

She denied his help and shortly after her boyfriend showed up and hit his dad.

\"He fell forward face first into the concrete,\"said Hoaglan.

West Allis police tell us when they arrived, Merlin told them he did not want to press charges against the 47-year-old man who hit him.

However, his family tells us the injuries are more serious than what they first thought.

\"He doesn't know who the president is, what today's date is, where he is, how can you take a statement from him in any capacity if he can't even tell you his last name.He had a brain bleed, so that is why he was moved to intensive care,\" said Hoaglan.

Now the West Allis police is looking for the person responsible to arrest him. They plan on handing over the case to the district attorney.

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