West Allis family creates haunted house for the community

NOW: West Allis family creates haunted house for the community

WEST ALLIS (CBS 58) -- Some families go all out for Halloween and transform their homes into haunted houses like the Amaya family in West Allis who love Halloween and go all out for the holiday every year.

Sergio and Maria Amaya's haunted house draws in many people in the West Allis neighborhood and even other cities.

"This year we ended up doing the front with skeletons and the dark angel and then we have the side with the witches and then the backyard is all clowns, scary clowns," said Maria.

The Amaya's started the haunted house about three years ago and have made it a fun family tradition.

All the family helps in setting the decorations up.

The Amaya family enjoys sharing this with the neighborhood.

"We originally had started with just the front section and then last year we had it as well but not as big because of COVID. Then this year, we decided to extend it and go bigger so this is where we're at now with our haunted house. We have the whole front and the whole back decorated," said Amaya.

"I know he (Sergio) loves Halloween. He actually has the best decorations around. My kids every day have to go drive past and see the Halloween decorations," said Paul Grohall, a neighbor.

The haunted house located on 2251 S 63rd St. expands to three front yards. The neighbors share their space so the family can put up more scary decorations.

The Amaya's front gate takes you through a tunnel of scary creatures like skeletons, clowns, wolves, and more, that expands to their backyard.

"People have been scared, adults included. Some of the little ones we have heard crying and jumping but a lot of them are actually pretty happy and excited," said Amaya.

"I like that he's got clowns in the back and my kids absolutely hate clowns so I love taking them back there and scaring them," said Grohall.

Grohall's son, Braven, said he only likes seeing the clowns during the day.

"When we go in the nighttime and they turn on I don’t like them," said Braven.

If you’re interested in seeing the haunted house, the lights and music go on from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The Amaya's said they plan on keeping the haunted house up for another week and invite everyone to come to see it during the day or night.

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