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"We're out there:" Milwaukee law enforcement agencies conduct more random truck safety inspections

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --  The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee Police Department and Wisconsin State Patrol are working together to conduct more truck safety inspections. 

“This is to take dangerous trucks off our highways the massive size of trucks and our huge parts make them a weapon of destruction when not properly maintained," said Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt. 

Trained truck inspectors are checking for things like trucks weight, equipment and load securement. Trucks found in violation will be cited and fined. Commercial Motor Vehicles that don't meet regulations will be taken out of service.

The inspections will be conducted randomly throughout the county. 

This initiative is set in place to keep people safe. 

Last May, Jay Tichelaar was driving home when a brake drum broke off a truck traveling in front of his car on the freeway. The broken piece crashed through his windshield killing him. 

“Our ordinary day was destroyed in a split second due to truck negligence," said Joleen Tichelaar, Jay's wife. 

To this day, investigators do not know whose truck the brake drum fell off of and the case has been closed.

But with these inspections, Tichelaar hopes it can save an innocent life. 

"Please make sure your truck is safe today and everyday so that our loved ones can continue to have an ordinary day and make it home safely. All I wish my husband had," said Tichelaar. 

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