'We're not where we need to be': Milwaukee FPC head faces tough questions

NOW: ’We’re not where we need to be’: Milwaukee FPC head faces tough questions

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- These are challenging days for the panel that runs Milwaukee's police department, the Fire and Police Commission (FPC).

It's taken a lot of criticism lately, and on Tuesday, Nov. 2, the executive director of the commission spoke at a Rotary Club meeting and took some challenging questions.

"I agree with the ACLU. We're not where we need to be."

Leon Todd was asked about the recent ACLU report which said Milwaukee police stop and frisk people of color at higher rates than they do white people. 

While he agreed with the report, he did say there have been improvements.

Todd was also asked about the commission's decision to demote former chief Alfonso Morales last year.

That decision led to a court reinstatement order, followed by a $626-thousand settlement with the former chief.

"That was a very unfortunate matter," said FPC Executive Director Leon Todd. "What I want to do though, is I want to be forward-looking and see how we can make improvements and avoid those kinds of mistakes going forward."

Todd said one problem has been the lack of stable leadership, both on the commission and at the police department.

On Thursday, the commission will vote on whether to elevate Acting Chief Jeffrey Norman to permanent chief.

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