Weather Impacts The Economy More Than You Think

It's estimated weather forecasting is now a $3 billion business because forecasters can sell information to businesses wanting both short and long-term weather projections.

A great deal of research on consumer behavior has been done on emotional factors in making purchases.  Now, more than ever, weather is playing a larger role in the equation as well. 

It's also been determined cold weather is quite impactful on buying and spending.  For example, when it's cold and dreary outside, people will spend more online.  And of course, retailers will take advantage of this by sending out special discounts.  Another interesting point is an early winter event, like an October or November snowstorm, tends to help increase holiday spending.  One other trend shows there's a 12% increase of online purchases in areas of furniture, clothing, and wholesale items, when there's persistent winter weather. 

Close to 300 companies are in the business of supplying weather data to subscribers needing the info, so they can make a profit and do better overall planning with inventory.  This is considered a win-win by so many.

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