‘We want voters to know we are prepared:' Officials discuss Election Day as COVID cases rise

NOW: ‘We want voters to know we are prepared:’ Officials discuss Election Day as COVID cases rise

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — Election officials say they want the public to know they’re prepared for Election Day as cases of coronavirus rise. 

“We have seen a decrease in lines and increase in social distancing since the first day began,” Claire Woodall-Vogg, executive director for the Milwaukee Election Commission said about early voting in Milwaukee. 

She said they recruited and trained 3,500 volunteers for the election.  

“Voters should remember to bring their mask, practice social distancing and then have patience as they go into Election Day.”

Dr. Ben Weston, director of medical services for the Office of Emergency Management says there are a few key recommendations to be safe while voting, including wearing masks and keeping a distance from others. 

“Vote in a way to minimize contact with others,” Weston said. 

He said when a person does vote, they should try to vote when not as many people are there, like mid-morning. He also suggested people bring their own pens. 

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