"We want to be treated fairly:" Board approves to rezone land for Foxconn park

NOW: “We want to be treated fairly:“ Board approves to rezone land for Foxconn park

The Village of Mount Pleasant is one step closer to the Foxconn build after the board approved to rezone nearly 4,000 acres for an industrial district.

"There were 127 parcels that were changed designation under the master plan, 206 parcels that were rezoned to business parks in coordination with that," said Sam Schultz, The Mount Pleasant Community Development Director. 

Village officials say property tax rates won't change for homeowners.

"They're taxed for the use of their property, not the designation or use of that property," said Schultz.

But, for homeowners like the Mahoney's who are in the affected area and just finished building their dream home, the vote is a reminder they won't be able to stay.

"I would like them to come and negotiate with me fairly and offer me a fair price so that I can rebuild a new home in another subdivision," said homeowner Kim Mahoney.

The 20 million square foot manufacturing facility will take up 1,198 acres with the remaining acres to be left open for further business development.

The village plans on spending about $758 million for acquiring the land within the district, public infrastructure, and other service costs. Development the Mahoneys' say they'll welcome as long as homeowners get more than fair market value.

"We don't want to stop Foxconn from coming to southeast Wisconsin but as a homeowner who just built their property, new home, we want to be treated fairly," Mahoney said.

Coming up next for Mount Pleasant is a public information session on Tuesday to discuss road improvements for the project.

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