"We need you back out there, buddy. Get well fast." Packers fans hoping for speedy recovery

NOW: “We need you back out there, buddy. Get well fast.“ Packers fans hoping for speedy recovery

On Sunday, Kelly's Bleachers and Mayor Goolsby were packed with fans as the Packers took on the Vikings. But the tone of the game quickly changed after Quarterback Aaron Rodgers got hurt. 

The Green Bay Packers sent out a tweet that stated, "QB Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone. There's a chance he could miss the rest of the season." 

Throughout the game, fans were hoping it wasn't another collarbone injury. 

“I am hoping it’s not a broken collar bone and it only takes a few weeks for him to get back," said Cordell Hayes, fan. 

In 2013, Rodgers missed seven games after he broke his left collarbone. 

Packers fans are now worried how Aaron Rodgers' injury could impact the rest of the season. 

"I can't look at the replay, I can't. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that Hundley can pull something out," said Karen. 

Although the rest of the season is still uncertain, Packers fans are rooting for Rodgers. 

"After that Dallas game, we need you back out there buddy so get well fast," said Hayes. 

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