'We need to take precautions:' State Fair takes measures to keep visitors safe

NOW: ’We need to take precautions:’ State Fair takes measures to keep visitors safe

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- More than 1 million people are expected to visit the State Fair in its 11-day run. About 100,000 people will walk through the State Fair every day, and with all those people, security is taken very seriously.

The State Fair has 100 officers with the Wisconsin State Fair Police Department and about 400 public safety officers to patrol on bikes, horses and foot.

Cameras are set up throughout the park too, to make sure everyone is safe when they're at the fair.

"Given what's going on in our world and certainly in our country, we have to be at large events," said Wisconsin State Fair Park CEO Kathleen O'Leary. "It's no different than a baseball game or football game, we need to take precautions, we have to be as proactive as we can to safeguard the people that are coming to our events."

Before you walk in, there will be a metal detector and bag check. Smaller bags are suggested so lines move along faster.

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